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About us

My Relaunch Story

My journey started when my only son departed the Earth due to strange circumstances. At this stage, I was nursing in the Middle East. Not identifying with my coping tools, my whole world was clouded in darkness. Being a single parent as my partner was deceased was extremely difficult. Having a teenage daughter who had to cope with the grief was challenging as mum could not support her emotionally.

After two months, I went back from South Africa to the Middle East; Focusing on the sick and premature babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit was my healing therapy; I decided to embark on my healing journey and discovered a whole inner world that I was disconnected from. I ignored my inner voice, experiencing distorted emotions that caused me to live in doubt, fear, and guilt. Missing my inner child crying out for help left me utterly confused.

Not understanding the truth about the cycle of birth and death as I had not expanded my mindset. Through my transformational journey, I completely healed and transcended my mindset to experience a growth mindset. I was opening up to the resonance of my sacred heart through practicing brain/heart coherence. Rising like the phoenix from the ashes, I worked through all my triggers to heal my mind, body, and soul.

I continue to invest in personal development, focusing on helping others through 

MINDSET COACHING, NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING, AND SPIRITUALITY, and at the same time, adding Angel Healing and Angel-Card Reading to my skills through intuitive processes. Through mindset coaching, you will achieve exponential results in all areas of life.

I have since published a book on living your best life called RECLAIMING YOUR TRUE ESSENCE. Furthermore, we have produced several courses to help humanity excel in all areas of life; There are different courses on Personal Development, Health, and Wellness, Spirituality, Youth Development. Helping youth and adults build essential skills necessary for your current and future progress. Through Mindset Coaching, you will achieve exponential results in all areas of life.

Seetha Mariemuthu – NLP Mindset Coach


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