1 Day Only Webinar!

We are addressing Stress through a whole new way of living: Adopting a 5D Conscious Lifestyle to understand and modify our stress triggers away from pain and towards happiness. At SMNLP we offer systemic, holistic stress management.
An altered state of mind due to a Physiological or Biological response to a stressor. There are different types of stress.
  1. Physiological:  pain, injury, trauma and pleasure.
  2. Biological: Chemical Stress: toxins leading to illness.
  3. Emotional Stress: stuck in traffic, exam stress, divorce, unemployment, death of a loved one. etc.

Everyone has experienced a certain degree of stress at some time in life. A certain amount of stress is necessary to protect us from danger. Our bodies are designed to be on high alert, therefore our Sympathetic Nervous System is always ready for action, known as the flight/fight response.

Event Schedule

  1. Acute Stress
  2. Episodic Stress
  3. Chronic Stress
  4. Fear and Phobias contributing to stress
  5. Anatomy and Physiology of organs, glands and Systems involved in Stress.
  6. Emotional changes occurring prior to and during stress
  7. Our Belief System
  8. Inner Child Trauma
  9. Educational learning theory.
  10. Our behaviour and actions.
  11. Transcending the survival brain.
  12. Professional Stress Management
  13. Home Care.


The speaker

Seetha Mariemuthu
NLP Practitioner -, Life Coach & Nurse

MINDSET COACH, NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING, AND SPIRITUALITY, and at the same time, adding Angel Healing and Angel-Card Reading to my skills through intuitive processes. Through mindset coaching, you will achieve exponential results in all areas of life.


We realize that the system is flawed both intrinsically and extrinsically. leading to misunderstanding ourselves at a deeper level. We miss a vital link. What most of us lack are valuable filters and an understanding of life to create a fundamental foundation during early child development that will withstand the test of time. Sadly our parents and grandparents lack these valuable skills due to operating from a fixed mindset.

It all starts with you, by understanding your inner dialogue to connect to your true essence. Experience unconditional self-love and compassion within, for only then will humanity realize that we need to change direction by viewing life through a 360-degree lens of perception.
Fear and stress go hand in hand, compounded by inner child trauma. Our stress triggers acquired during early childhood development through learning and copying our caregivers have created programs of negativity, therefore our judgement is clouded.
We focus on our sensory perception, using our five senses to control our lives, therefore we live in emergency mode, suppressing our creativity. By perceiving the environment through our limited perception, we sense imaginary danger due to our highly stressed persona. Most forms of stress can be eradicated through our understanding of life. The only stress that cannot be eradicated is our innate stress- triggers preventing us from danger.
Focus on self-talk, self-love, self-care, self-discipline, and self-development once self-actualization has been realized. Take ownership of your life to experience the ultimate in Self Mastery.


  1. Acute stress- of short duration minimal damage.
  2. Episodic stress – experiencing frequent bouts of stress.
  3. Chronic stress – the silent killer (discussed in detail).

When one is in a perpetual cycle of chronic stress the alarm bells go off. Cortisol our main stress hormone rears his head, sending waves of panic throughout the body and mind. The brain shifts from a Parasympathetic state of mind to a highly charged state where the Sympathetic fight/flight mode takes charge of the situation.


We can acquire long, term debilitating diseases due to chronic stress, and compromised immune system,  poor functioning gut microbiome adds to a disease process as one may resort to comfort eating. Comfort eating adds to our gut complications and a disruption in our circadian rhythm leads to brain fog and exhaustion.
We discuss professional management and home care management. The effects of stress on the body, mind and soul.
Join us for an informative, exciting webinar to learn more about stress, and understand yourself that will enable you to take charge and change the trajectory of your life.